Fahrettin Ulusoy Met with the Youth



Fahrettin Ulusoy, a significant businessman and entrepreneur from the region, met with the youth at Ondokuz Mayıs University. In the conversation called “Fahrettin Ulusoy Meets the Youth” organised by the Food Community in cooperation with the Industrial Engineering Community of Excellence, the famous businessman gave advise to the youth about business life and career planning.

Deputy Chancellor Prof. Dr. Şenol Eren, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sevilhan Mennan, Engineering Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Fehmi Yazıcı, many academicians and students attended the activity organised at Engineering Faculty Conference Hall.

We introduced our knowledge and experience to the university

Delivering the conference keynote speech on behalf of both communities, Food Community academic advisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Temiz said, “The knowledge accumulation called experience can’t be gained by reading and writing. This is only made possible by living long and going through things. Therefore we wanted to introduce you to the experience and invited Fahrettin Ulusoy, a significant entrepreneur and businessman of the region and the country. I would like to thank brother Fahrettin for sparing his time for and sharing his experiences with us.”

Speaking from Experience

Fahrettin Ulusoy, Chairman of Board at Ulusoy Un, openly shared his business experience with the university students and academicians.

Love comes first for success

Saying that he has a business life of 46 years, Mr. Ulusoy continued. “Success measures depend on the person. Some people have material, others have moral achievements. In order to be successful, you have to love what you are doing. If you do not, your chance of success is zero.

Either you will quit the job and find something you love or force yourself to love the job.”

Set your goal, be patient

Mr. Ulusoy said, “If you love your job and set a goal for yourself, you can make progress” and added that he had set well in advance the goals of being a big wholesaler first and building a factory next.

Mr. Ulusoy said, “It is good to be patient in whatever job you do. If you have respect for your job, you will be recognised sooner or later.”

Team work is imperative for success

Mr. Ulusoy said, “An imperative for success is team work. It is a big chance for an employer to work with good personnel and it is a chance for the employee to work for a sharing employer”, meaning that team spirit is the fuel for success.

Mr. Ulusoy told anecdotes from business life and said that the road to success is also paved with well-planning, budget, work discipline, being positive and reliable.

Our Operations are the Property of this Country 

Talking about his opinion as an employer, Mr. Ulusoy said “Our operations are not ours anymore; they belong to the country, the employees. For that reason, we have to take measures to transfer them to the next generations.”

After his speech, Fahrettin Ulusoy answered questions from the university students. 

Source: http://www.omu.edu.tr/haberler/fahrettin-ulusoy-genclerle-bulustu