Ulusoy Un

Ulusoy Un Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company; was established in 1989 to manufacture, trade, import and export all kinds of foodstuffs such as flour, semolina, pasta and biscuits made from cereals and legumes. Ulusoy Un's main field of activity is the production, trade, domestic and international sales of wheat flour, feed raw materials, domestic and international trade of various grains, and oilseeds mostly focused on wheat. In our 50th Anniversary factory operating in Samsun Food Organized Industrial Zone, 2.085 tons/day, in Çorlu Tekirdağ production facilities 400 tons/day and in 2022 Söke Değirmencilik San ve Tic. Inc. The total production capacity has reached 4,200 tons/day as a result of the acquisition of the shares of our company and the addition of 1440 tons/day capacity of Aydın and Ankara factories belonging to Söke Değirmencilik San ve Tic. Inc.

Ulusoy Un started exporting in 1995 and has exported flour to 92 countries until today. In 2021, it realized 4.8% of the sector's exports in Turkey. According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly announced in 2022; In 2021, our company ranked 323rd among the top 1000 exporting companies in Turkey, and ranked 23rd in its sector. According to the data announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 2021 with sales from total production, our company ranks 375th among the industrial establishments producing the most in 2021 in Turkey, and ranks 3rd in Samsun. Ulusoy Un, which rose 4 places this year in the Fortune 500 list published every year, took the 71st place in the list. On March 28, 2013, the Company purchased 17% of the shares of SASBAŞ Samsun Free Zone Kurucu and Isleticisi A.Ş. With this investment, Ulusoy Un participated in the Samsun Free Zone, which is one of the most strategic points in the Black Sea Region, which has the storage and logistics infrastructure needed for the development of transit foreign trade, and had an important role on its management. Our company; According to the Fortune 500 list, it has become the 75th largest company in Turkey with its sales of 4 billion 345 million TL in 2020. On 20.11.2014, Ulusoy Un went public and its shares started to be traded on Borsa Istanbul. With Ulidaş Tarım Ürünleri Licensed Warehousing Joint Stock Company, which was established on 27.02.2015 as a 100% subsidiary of our company, an investment has been made in the Licensed Warehousing system, which we can consider as the future of the agricultural sector. Currently, it continues its Licensed Warehousing activities in 3 regions, 42.000 tons in Çorum/ Alaca, 67.000 tons in Yozgat/Sorgun and 60.000 tons in Kırıkkale/Çerkli. Our subsidiary named ROLWEG SA was established in Geneva, Switzerland on 15.03.2018, 100% of whose capital belongs to Ulusoy Un Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Alfaway Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş was established on 18.09.2019 with 100% of its capital belonging to Ulusoy Un Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Söke Milling Industry and Trade Inc. (Söke Un) was purchased by our company on 11.01.2022.