The Bell Rang for Ulusoy at İstanbul Stock Exchange



Today the bell rang at İstanbul Stock Exchange for Ulusoy Un whose public offering process is managed by Şeker Yatırım. There was significantly strong support from Şekerbank and Samsun for Ulusoy Un, the newcomer to stock exchange. Deputy Chairman of Board at Şeker Yatırım and Şekerbank General Manager Halit Yıldız and Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin accompanied Ulusoy Family in this important event. In the ceremony that was attended by İstanbul Stock Exchange Vice General Manager Aydın Seyman, Şeker Investment General Manager Osman Göktan, Ulusoy Un Chairman of Board Fahrettin Ulusoy and Ulusoy Un CEO Eren Günhan Ulusoy, lively conversations of Halit Yıldız, İbrahim Şahin and Fahrettin Ulusoy were of interest. It was stated that Governor Şahin attended the ceremony because Samsun was the first company to be listed in İstanbul Stock Exchange. 


In the comments he made to Borsa Gündem after the bell-ringing ceremony, Ulusoy Un Chairman of Executive Committee Eren Günhan Ulusoy said, “We are the first Samsun-based company listed at İstanbul Stock Exchange, for which we feel proud. We have already been working for years in order to manage our company better, not particularly planning to be listed in stock exchange. We took this route when our work seemed to be compatible with the stock exchange requirements and the Capital Market Board regulations. Thank God, after a preparation period of 2 years, we held the bell-ringing ceremony today and started to be traded at the İstanbul Stock Exchange”.  

Eren Günhan Ulusoy said, “We really believe that today is an important day for the region. At the start of our book building period, Mr. Fahrettin and I was called by the owners of Samsun-based industrial companies which are bigger and larger than us, asking us how this happened, how they can do it and how they can benefit from it. I mean, I think we already started to create synergy” and he commented on the position of Ulusoy Un in the sector and its next target: “According to İSO 500 survey, we are the second biggest producer in flour industry. And we rank the fifth in Turkey in exports. We have aimed at becoming the sector leader. This is our short and medium term target and, to attain this target, we will realize the capacity increasing investment in Samsun which is included in our Offering Circular. But we have been planning to make investments in other places of Turkey in the medium term. In the long term we have aimed at expanding our scale from national to regional and from regional to global. Black Sea basin is important for our Ukrainian sector. Our investments may be targeted at these countries in the future.

I am asking, why don’t we have a Cargill in Turkey? Cargill is an agricultural industrial company with operations in 130 countries of the world. It also has production plants in Turkey. Actually it was founded in 1868. And we are working hard to close that gap.”