Ulusoy Un Was Increased to 29th Rank in Biggest 500 Companies of Anatolia Research


Ekonomist Magazine, research, Biggest Anatolian Companies

According to results of 2015 of research of “Biggest 500 Companies of Anatolia” which was made by Ekonomist magazine with participation of Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), Ulusoy Un was increased to 29th rank from 34th rank.

According to research, total endorsement of 179 billion in 2014 of Anatolia 500 was increased with rate of 5,3 percent and was increased to 188,5 billion liras in 2015.

While total exportation of Turkey regressed with the rate of 8,7 percent in 2015, decrease in total exportation of Anatolia 500 was 16,2 percent. Exportation of 18,7 billion dollars in 2014 was decreased to 15,7 billion dollars in 2015.

Total profit of Anatolia 500 was decreased with 6,7 percent nominally and with 13,1 percent in real terms, in 2015. Total employment of Anatolia 500 in 2015 showed increase with 1,6 percent and was increased to 295 thousand 628 from 291 thousand 33.

Companies, which carry out activities apart from three big provinces, which are not affiliated to big holdings and whose foreign capital share is under 50 percent, are accepted as Anatolian company in the research that was made by sorting net sales of Anatolian companies.

Resource: Ekonomist Magazine